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Hochschulmedizin Zürich SURGENT

Advanced Usability and User Guidance

Philipp Fürnstahl (Balgrist), Mirko Meboldt (ETH)

Detection and segmentation of surgical tools to automate eye tracking evaluation (wound disguised).

The goal of this work package is an Augmented Reality application with a particularly high degree of user-friendliness that supports the surgeon both individually and situation-specifically during the procedure. On the one hand, this requires the development of algorithms that allow an automatic, objective assessment of human behavior. Algorithm development will initially focus on the evaluation of eye tracking data and hand-eye coordination, and will later on include the assessment of the physicians’ manual execution. On the other hand, extensive user studies will be conducted to uncover characteristic behavioral patterns. The combination of known behavioral patterns and detection algorithms enables the automated classification of human behavior and builds the foundation for a smart support system.