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Personalized slow wave sleep modulation for the regulatory of high blood pressure
Felix Beuschlein (USZ, UZH), Walter Karlen (ETH)

With this project, we will evaluate the feasibility of slow wave sleep (SWS) modulation for the treatment of hypertension by developing a patient's specific stimulation treatment. The personalization of the treatment will involve the implementation of a novel algorithm for tuning the SWS modulation stimulation parameters based on the patient's specific response to intervention. We hypothesize that a personalized SWS modulation therapy will enable to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying SWS and blood pressure regulation. This research addresses challenging topics that are important not only to the development of a possible novel technology for personalized treatment of hypertension but also for generating a useful set of tools for understanding the underlying pathophysiology of diseases in response to individual sleep modulation therapy.