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HMZ Award - The PhD team challenge

«HMZ Award - The PhD team challenge» honors a team of PhD students of UZH and ETH working together towards a scientific goal. The explicit focus is on the quality and originality of the collaboration. The award is intended to encourage collaborations across institutions, even if the chances of success are not immediately foreseeable.

The prize is endowed with CHF 5,000 for the team. The «HMZ Award - The PhD team challenge» was launched in 2021.

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HMZ Award 2023

The jury of this year's HMZ Award consists of the following members:

Prof. Birgit Kleim (UZH)
Prof. Maries van den Broek (UZH)
Prof. Katrien De Bock (ETH)
Prof. Melanie Zeilinger (ETH)