Project Lead and Coordination

Prof. Malcolm Kohler UZH/USZ   Department of Pulmonology E-Mail
Prof.  Renato Zenobi ETH

Laboratory of organic Chemistry



Principal Investigators

Prof. Urs Baltensperger PSI Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry E-Mail
Prof. Steven A. Brown UZH Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology


Prof. Joachim M. Buhmann ETH Institute for Machine Learning  E-Mail
Dr. Lukas Emmenegger Empa Air Pollution / Environmental Technology E-Mail
Prof. Marloes H. Maathuis ETH Seminar for Statistics E-Mail
Alexander Möller UZH/Kispi Pneumology E-Mail
Prof. Sotiris E. Pratsinis ETH Institute of Process Engineering E-Mail
Prof. André Prévôt PSI Laboratory of Atmospheric Chemistry E-Mail
Prof. Pablo Martinez-Lozano Sinues UniBasel/UKBB Department of Biomedical Engineering E-Mail      
Prof. Arnold von Eckardstein UZH/USZ Institute for Clinical Chemistry E-Mail
Prof. Annelies Zinkernagel UZH/USZ Department of Infectious Diseases and Hospital Epidemiology E-Mail