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Hochschulmedizin Zürich SleepLoop


To derive brain connectivity from high-density EEG recordings combined with closed-loop auditory stimulation during sleep
Reto Huber (UZH, Kinderspital), Nicole Wenderoth (ETH)

Brain connectivity is known to be altered in many neurological and psychiatric populations. Markers of connectivity have been associated with disease severity and progression or used to predict treatment success. We will use high-density sleep EEG recordings as a mapping tool of alterations in cortical connectivity in order to establish a low-cost, mobile tool that can be applied at the bedside and allow a personalized approach for SleepLoop therapy.

To apply measures of brain connectivity in clinical populations
Erich Seifritz (UZH, PUK), Georgia Ramantani (UZH, Kinderspital), Reto Huber (UZH, Kinderspital), Nicole Wenderoth (ETH)

We will carry out proof of concepts studies in two kind of disorders that are known to be associated with changes in brain connectivity: depression and epilepsy. By combining high-density sleep EEG and acoustic stimulation in these clinical populations, we will assess whether acoustic stimulation can modify functional/effective brain connectivity. In the future, the findings might be used to establish diagnostic or prognostic markers and to monitor disease progression and response to therapy.